Hello, World!


Hi all! Welcome to my page. As some of you know, I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sao Paulo is five hours away from Rio de Janeiro and is Brazil’s largest city. As hard as it is to admit, I spend way too much time looking at screens. I watch the news the first thing in the morning, take class notes on my laptop, and check my social media on my phone as much as I can. As a teenager, my favorite hobby was to design blog themes, take outdoor pictures and I used to do a little programming as well.  I never lost interest in designing blogs once I started my senior year in high school, I also developed an interest in technology and social media. In fact, the main reason why I’m taking this class is because I currently work with social media, managing social pages for a few of and hope to work with digital design in the future.

As a digital media enthusiast, I do read a lot and get my information from several websites. I also enjoy creating business cards, websites and poster for my friends and family. At this point, I am so grateful for what this class has already taught me. I feel I have developed my digital design skills throughout this semester.

In conclusion, I hope you liked learning a little bit about me and my views on digital media and design. I believe digital media has the potential to really change how we look at the world’s issues and help understand each other. I’ll leave you with this amazing video by Wael Ghonim, on how social media can drive real change in our world.